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Default Re: Official Guild Wars Thread

Well GW2 will come out (at least) in about 1.5 year...

Concerning Eye of the North, I played through it with my paragon, and I must say that it was really fun.
The graphics are simply awesome (the charr lands, the new water effects, the destroyers etc etc they look stunning).
The dungeons are fun (but a bit repetitive), and their bosses are cool to fight. The quests/missions aren't repetitive at all, and are really fun to play.
But the game is really short, and the armors and end game green weapons are crappy reskin of what we already know/own.
But some of the new weapon skins that are "lootable" look great (hello greater guardian spear ^^)
And about this "grinding" issue:
If you simply do all the quests (including secondary quests), explore all the dungeons (and not forget to take the blessings), then you won't need to grind a lot: I had rank 5 with the dwarves and asuran simply by doings quests and dungeons (well I've done some dungeons several times ...but there's a bit of grinding to obtain vanguard rank 5, I agree with this point

So there are some really cool ideas (dungeon/mission book), some magnificient scenery, some cool dungeons, the mini games are fun to play, but there are some strong letdowns (hall of monuments, reskin of armors/weapons, grinding), and the game is way too short.
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