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Default 40.41's bring a possible form of GPU Throttling ??

Got a little more info. relating to the "Infinite Loop" error. It seems the FIX was actually the new NVidia drivers. Seems they do some sort of AGP voltage monitoring and perform a kind of ERROR CORRECTION or ERROR TOLERANCE/IGNORE for slight data corruption due to AGP power issues. I seem to have uncovered a peculiarity, though -- at least on my system ...

The drivers appear to be doing some form of "throttling" when the vidcard is O/C'ed too high and to the point of errors. Maybe via a form of VIDEO FRAME DISCARDING or some other method of trapping errors and discarding them. I believe this is the case.

When O/C'ing my vidcard beyond the previously established "rock solid speed (Gainward GF3 Ti200 @ 250/550), the 3DMark 2001 SE benchmark scores progressively get lower and lower the higher I O/C the vidcard. Visually there was not a tip-off of anything going on, but finally after getting to 266/575, I get considerable frame skips and pauses, but no BSOD or errors. Could this be some sort of ERROR CONTROL or THROTTLING putting the brakes on the BSOD or Infinitel Loop due to additional demands on the GPU voltage rail? Either way, it appears to not impede my ability to O/C to my previous O/C level, but while I am able move the sliders on my PSTRIP higher than before without lockups or Blue Screens, the resulting score is lower and lower.

If only I had not benchmarked -- would have been a nice Placebo O/C, heh ??
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