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Originally posted by extreme_dB
I don't see how the NV35 is the clear winner in UT2003. If anything, the 9800Pro seems to have the slight edge.

Here are 2 of the latest comparisons:
Ok I hate to take NV40's side but both of those reviews prove his point... (unless you play at 800x600, I would assume youi play at this res because you have bad eyesight and as shown you coud get the same scores with the 5600 or 9600 and pay $200 less)

I would not buy an nvidia card based on the cheating scandal though, unless they release new drivers that remove all cheats then I would consider them again... I hope they take the high road out of this so far they are not doing very well... at least ati admitted they cheated and removed the cheats... now lets see if nvidia can do the same...

As far as this benchmark being meaningless, I know and have seen people in compusa and bestbuy who claim that the reason to buy a card is it has the highest 3dmark... so this bench can sway people and that does make it legitamate. and if it is true that dell uses this to decide (I can't believe they are that naive I bet they decide on money!) then that would also make this bechmark VERY legitamate.

Now I do have one issue with NV40....! I do not see your argument on the ansiof done on ati and nvdia... didn't nvidia switch to adaptive also.. I know there have been tests that show that one might be a little better than the other but it is not nearly the differance than with the nv2x cards...

I think you need to just admit it. ATI/ARTX brougt out a superier card than what nvidia was even working on and really shocked the poo out of them and they are still trying to regroup...

I know you want to blame all these different things on why the nvidia solution is not up to par... I mean problems at tsmc, problems with ddr2, but the biggest problem is that NVIDIA got a superiority complex and didn't think any one could nock them of the top of the hill... to that I say good job ATI, and watch out they will be back... (nvidia that is)edit: what I meant to say here is if you read those articles the 5900ultra beats all of the ati cards at resolutions that are not processor dependent.. in other words the nvidia drivers can probably still be tweaked a little. and then the gap would be very noticable.
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