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Default Re: Polaroid 19" Widescreen LCD HDTV

Originally Posted by seeker
It would be nice if my current antenna would work, so I will do as you suggest. As far as the PC connections are concerned, I have both VGA and DVI outputs on the video card, but if I understand correctly, there is neither of these on the TV, so I assume that the cable would have to convert DVI to HDMI. Currently, the DVD player is connected to my analog TV via coax to the antenna input on the TV. Would that work on a HDTV? If not, then both the computer and the player would have to connect to the same HDMI imput...wouldn't it?

EDIT: OOPS! I missed your quote. I will have to recheck the Walmart site...I missed that somehow.
Yeah, the "computer connections" should be VGA or DVI, but they don't specify. You might just need a cable and you'd be set.

With the DVD player, you might be SOL. The "Built-in ATSC digital / NTSC analog tuner" that the website mentions would be your conventional COAX input. If your DVD player has antenna in, you might be able to run the antenna to the DVD, then the DVD to the HDTV all through COAX.

Might not look that great, but it should work.
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