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Default Re: Polaroid 19" Widescreen LCD HDTV

I poked around the webpage and found some pictures of the rear connections, and it will definitely have to connect to the PC via VGA. unless there is a cable with DVI on one end, and HDMI on the other. I understand that DVI would be better, but I guess that will be okay.

However, I started looking at the Sanyo that they offer:

It's only a few dollar more, and though the basic connections are the same, it seems to have some extra features.

I'm not too concerned about the looks of the connections, because the way that i have things laid out, the cables will be covered by other things.

Right now, I have the antenna coax going first to a splitter and then to the DVD player and the PC's TV tuner. The TV itself gets both broadcast and DVD signal through the antenna connector. The only thing that connects via the other inputs is the PC video, TV tuner and sound to the PC speakers. I think that I could connect the DVD player via composite connections, but I not too sure yet, I will have to tinker with it some, but I feel pretty sure that I can make all of it work, except the TV tuner, because it is only a PVR150 and it's not compatible with HDTV. I will buy another tuner later.
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