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Default Next gen HD players coming: HD-DVD and Blu-Ray

Toshiba has announced their 3rd gen series the A3 ($299), A30 ($399), and A35 ($499 ?? ); all to be available with the next 30 days.

Sony has announced their next gen Blu-ray system. (not sure of date's) for about $599 (don't quote me on the price)

The A35 seems to be lesser than the A25 due to lowering (loss??) of the raved up-scaler chip. (adds 7.1 output. But, doesn't sound like a fair trade)

There don't seem to be much in the way of any reviews yet.

I personally have been holding off the HD upgrade, hating the whole format war. (more like a format slap fest)

But, I think I'm ready to jump in and vote with my wallet and replace my aging DVD.
Anyone else getting ready to jump in with these next releases? And for which format? (stand-alone HD-DVD, x-BOX 360 with hd-dvd, stand-alone Blu-Ray, or PS3 Blu-Ray)

I'm going HD-DVD. The A20 sounds like it fits my needs for a year or two, and I don't like the way Sony is handling their business model. (among other things) (and I don't care about the PS3)

How about you? What reasoning are you using for your choice?

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