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Originally Posted by evilghost
Noise = Could be a bad fan bearing or the thermal controlled fan ramping up it's RPM to better cool the CPU.

Loss of Monitor = Really not sure on this one...

Silly Question = I wasn't really trying to be offensive, sorry if it seemed that way, it was mostly as a joke.

Fan spins normal only happens when the CPU is doing something. I had a user within another post along time ago saying that while running Prime95 his CPU also made the noise, I can tell when I got prime going if one of the CPU's stops because the noise becomes quieter.

It doesn't appear to be anything seriously, because the CPU runs and performs better O/Ced. i gained 10 FPS in Crysis. I was running at 19 something and I get 30 now with the CPU at 3.26GHz.

My question was really does the voltage have to be turned up on the PCI-E? I know its at 1.4 now, and its red in the nvmonitor. What I can't understand is why my card shut down. It almost was as if the video driver crashed. It could of easily been related to software when my monitor lost signal, since the PC stayed running, and all.
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