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Default Re: I feel lame (WoW)

Eh, I've got chars under both factions. And when my orc hunter (now 69) hit 60, I thought some WSG might be nice for a change. I'm all too familiar with the people who jump in the middle, and farm honor the entire BG. They never bother to help each other out to achieve something (well many people) like in capping the flag, and if one helps them when they're getting pasted, they run from battle leaving one to die in their place.

So my experience? Lets just say it started with only 2 horde people against the entire alliance. And after some more people joined, us 2 were like "oh come on guys? We can't fight the entire alliance by ourselves" and they decided to jump in the middle and farm honor

That was little better then when a fellow guildie (in a now non-existent guild) I had been in was in AV. He was takign some elite boss or whatever it was, and as dieing he kept thinking to himself someone would be along. Right before he died, he turned around and saw 2 other alliance guys just standing there. When he came back, he was like "what the hell?" They were like "afk, afk Why should we have to fight, when we can just leech honor off of you?"

If that wasn't enough, the horde was standing there, just laughing at them The guy was so annoyed, he went and killed wolves the rest of the BG. When done, he had more then a little frustration to vent in guild chat...
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