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Default Re: nVIDIA GeForce 6200 LE 512MB

Originally Posted by dolphinsfan1966
the only number i know to look for is the 512mb when looking for a card....income taxes are coming up so that's a help with a budget so probably 200.....or so, but basically as far as the system goes, its a dell that my wife bought 3 years ago now that i bought her a mac laptop this year for xmas i figured i'd try to do something where we could play games only on it and leave off all the other extra media such as music etc....anyway the comp is a dell 4600i PNTM 4 2.66 ghz w/512 of ram, it's got that parallel ram stuff where you have to put in two modules of ram, so the video card in it now is a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 128mb and a new 200 gb hd i just bought because the other hd crashed other than that not much to say about it, i know i need to buy a dvd drive for it though, since some games are on dvd format disk now but thanks for any help

Wow your exact specs are what my computer is, this baby esp. the 2.66ghz is Ultra Rare I guess while the 4600i 3.x and so forth just rare. On google searching the net I believe I only saw like one or two incl. urs posts on that exact rig. It's also mine and yes I did update to the cheapie Fx5200 still this baby is Ultra Rare I guess. Yes I know this thread is a tad old from the beginning of this year....
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