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Default Re: I feel lame (WoW)

Originally Posted by Monolyth
It may appear that Horde are better at PvP, but appearances are deceiving. After playing Horde for 2.5 years all the way to 70, I can say that of all the BG's I was ever in, Horde "might" or "might not" win, the only guaranteed victory was pre-form (most of the time). And I had many a pre-formed Alliance groups roll me.

It's not like it used to be. Originally Allianced rolled over Horde due to a larger player base that was better equipped and played well together. Then Horde caught up in the loots and grew in numbers and it kinda evened out except for the AV terrain imbalance. Group play is key, which is what Alliance has had more of from the start.
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