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Default Re: WoW Rogues and DPS!

First 2.5 years of WoW were on my Orc Rogue, I got tired of the game after my guild broke-up. About 1.5 years of that time was spent raiding which for the most part was a lot of fun. Though being a competitive bastard (DMG Meter ***** hehe), I always did what I could to remain top DPS.

I've since returned and am GM'ing my own guild this time with a bunch of friends, after 2 weeks of owning the game I am now level 40 with a mount, teehee! I've rolled Alliance on a "Normal Server" (Hellscream), which is a nice change of pace from the griefing nature of a PvP server (Mal'Ganis). My Priest atm is shadow spec, and all I can say is that Shadow Priest + Vampiric-Embrace + Paladin, in the same group is farmtastic!

Honestly I cannot wait to get higher level with improved shadow dmg gear and see those group heal ticks shoot up there. I've seen some good shadow priests do some amazing damage in raids, even had a level 70 shadow priest wearing all greens beat me in DPS (me wearing Tier 4 & misc purples from Karazhan) in a heroic ramparts run, insane DPS.
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