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Default XFX 6800 XT SLi AMD 64 3500 Corsair

S! Alle,
Hello new poster here...
I Have recently installed 2 xfx6800xt, running in SLI mode.
I tested each card individually first and then as a pair. All settings were set to none/minimal and high performance.

Using 3dmark03 and received the folowing results:
card 1=8392
card 2=8385
both cards together 14220
I run winXP pro. AMD 64 3500 Socket 939. Corsair CMX1024-3200 (2x512 matched pair)

Is this an anticipated score?

I installed these cards after running an ATI x800xt. I thought I would get more performance....

I am now running the 96.89 drivers and I get 35-40 FPS. This is with two (2) XFX 6800 XT SLI cards. I am getting an approximate .5 second stutter now and then. I am wondering if this is the correct driver to be using?
It seems that my ATi X800XT ( non SLi) was hitting at 60-70 FPS,and no stutter.
Any suggestions?
Thank you for your help.
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