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Default Re: WoW Rogues and DPS!

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
You friggin nub. Spirit Tap procs off any kills of a green mob or higher. It's awesome for farming at 70 and doesn't do crap in PVP!! AHGAHAHAHA

ps your spec is horrible
Spirit tap only works off of mobs that give you xp or honor. Last time I checked, you don't get xp when you are 70. If it does give you the mana bonus after you kill a mob green or above, then they need to re-word how it works. Either way it is useless.

There is nothing wrong with my spec. I am one of the hardest PVPers to kill. Even when I die, my dots take two other players down. Oh and why is that? Yeah cuz I know how to play a shadow priest.

There are different ideas on how to utilize talents. You use the one that works best for you.

P.S. I didn't ask you.
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