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Default Re: WoW Rogues and DPS!

Originally Posted by Monolyth
Actually it works a lot like rogue Remorseless Attacks, the biggest downside is that you have to get the KB. However it does work in PvP as well, as ninjaman said (could've said it nicer btw). It will proc on mobs/chars as long as they are green giving you some nice mana regen for the time that it is up. For leveling it is very handy as I can continue grinding mobs 1-2 levels below me without stopping to drink every 7-8 mobs.
Yeah, I used it for leveling. It was great.

I want to get this straight. If you are lvl 70 and you kill a green mob, will the spirit tap work when you kill it even if it doesn't give you any XP?
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