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Default Re: What is the best way to farm for gold in WoW

When I hit 70 on my older NE hunter, I had pretty much cleared out Nagrand, but hadn't done much in hellfire peninsula, zangermarsh, or even terrokar. Even in blades edge mountains, I pretty much cleaned out the first fp, but discovered ru'aan wield and the wierd gnome contraption after the fact. Actually the last I discovered when thotting for CE repping quests, and found the zone.

Well since that time I've got the heroic keys for CoT, CE, and sha'tar. Lower city and HH will need to come next. There is an end to that though, and my hunter is close to the point where only group quests are left there. That then leaves daily quests, but they're group quests also. Kinda sucks that once again, my guild is in the shape it's in. We went to pull in some healers so we could return to kara and without PuGing a healer or 2. But now the main tank (also guild leader) is pretty much gone, along with the other lvl 70 tank who had remained.

So how exactly are we to get healers attuned to kara without tanks? But it looks like the main tank/guild leader isn't likely to return until after we do that. So from running kara 4 times a week (the first couple weeks) to, can't even pull a group together for group quests or 5 mans; and people are leaving mass exodas Yes, I've been mucking around on alts and stuff, while less then happy about all of this.

After getting:

- Exalted Wintersaber trainers and the Winterspring frostsaber mount
- Exalted Scryers
- Exalted Kurenai
- Revered Consortium
- Revered Timbermaw (oh that's just my NE hunter, my orc hunter is exalted Timbermaw)

etc... I need a break from grinding, and group quests and instances it would be PuGing is just a pain though when tanks on realm have become harder to find then even healers of late
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