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Default Re: I am getting so tired of pests online

Bleh, and yet again:

Get off gryphon in IF, after going to some place with lowbie mobs to test my addons to see which one (turned out 2) were causing problems with the pet bar appearing on dismount.

I don't even have a chance to walk away from the gryphon when one person barks at me "I need your help"

No introduction, no hello, no nothing, except "I need...gimme" I'm on a lvl 70, this person on a lvl 25 I say nothing, so the person PSTs me again, demanding I help them. Completely random, someone I don't even know, not a fellow guildie, no precedent for this at all.

When I walk away on mount, going about my business, and not giving this sorta approach a reply, the person starts spamming party invites. It's like some people have a sense of entitlement, and act as if the world owes them or something.

Unfortunately, and under the circumstances, when Gilthanas did end up approaching me on that alt I long since forgot about; this is exactly what I mistook him for, and lost a friend along the way. These annoying people remain, and of course are exactly the sorta people I don't want to associate with; hence the decision not to even provide a reply, until the person started party invite spamming me. At which point I just told him, I don't know you, this is rather random and quite insistent", and left it at that. Demanding stuff of someone who just happens to be there, is not really the best way to either meet people, or get something...
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