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Default Re: What OC can I expect with my new q6600 G0 + setup?

Yeah, if it does BSOD or lock up then you know its too high. Orthos will tell you if your unstable but so will gaming and general usage. No need to flame me because I suggested that someone not prime their overclock. If it is unstable it is going to crash no matter what. In my eyes you end up finding out either way and I would rather be playing a game than just waiting. I have always done it this way and always will and still end up with long term stable overclocks.

I just think that testing a pc for that long is only needed when selling an overclocked pc to someone because you dont want the headache of walking someone through the bios over the phone. 12 hour tests for myself seem a bit over the top because I have never had to do that. If it passes 5-6 loops of 3dmark06 I am happy and off to my games.

The point is a stable overclock right ? Why does it matter what method as used when the end result is the same ?


You really take it seriously dont ya ? When I have 10 q6600 boxes at work that all hit 3.6 with little to no effort and no phone calls at all from the designers that are using them working on cad and rendering programs I feel I have some weight to my argument. These g0 chips are that good with the right ram, psu and mobo. 10 out 10 so far running 24/7 with good temps and no crashes yet. The moment one crashes I would get phone call and its been close to a month now with no issues..
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