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Unhappy GeForce FX 5200, X, Linux 2.5.64+ == bad

I just got a brand spankin' new 5200 to replace my aged MGA mill II cards (dual head).

Here's the issue I'm facing. I can get either head working fine in X with the Xfree driver, but it doesn't do dual.

The problem with using the nvidia driver is .. well, several.

a) startup consumes 95% or higher CPU
b) never gets past the nvidia logo
c) using nv AGP causes a kernel oops
d) using nv module causes illegal sleeping function errors

I have no idea if there are other problems, I can't get past the beginning :S

I'm using Gentoo w/ the current nvidia driver - 4363.

I would really really love to get this lil' guy working again

Any suggestions? (using 2.4.x isn't viable)
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