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Default Re: Best Fan for HR-03 GTX

Originally Posted by ATOJAR
Depends if you want better cooling or more silence? .... for better cooling you will need a fan with a higher CFM, if it silence your after the you need lower CFM .... i have a 92mm Vantec Thermoflow with a 58.5 CFM .... its not that loud and keeps my card at 48c - 50c idle & 65c max load! .....

If it was me i wouldent choose any of those fans! .... i got my fan from the below shop!

Not knocking ebuyer, i use the store & forums alot(bought most of my system from there)and its one of the best(lowest priced)on the net but they dont have the best selection of fans.

nice site. Unfortunalty I live in Rep of Ireland they dont post there
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