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well d00d what i personally like doing is editing the /etc/inittab and changing the line that says id:5:initdefault to say id:3:initdefault...the 5 is the default value and that is what brings you directly to X when you boot up your box...the 3 has it boot directly to console..the reason why i do this is because if something goes wrong (which you will see plenty has gone wrong if you look through this fourm) then i can easily recover from the error cause i know my machine will boot directly into console on a restart...otherwise say you do get a problem and it doesn't go to X when you install the drivers, then everytime you reboot it will try to go to X cause you have id:5:initdefault, but you don't want it to go to X cause you know it don't then you run yourself into a situation....thats a little lenghty explaination but i just want you to understand what i am getting at...and plus, if the driver installation works fine and you want to change that 3 back to a 5 in the inittab, then its easy as done...

so anyways, you do it your way to get into console mode, and once you are there, all you have to do is navigate to the directory where the shell script nvidia installer is at and su to root, type your root password in and start the installer by typing...
without the quotes...this wont' take long at all, and when it is done, you will edit your /etc/X11/XF86Config file according to the readme file, heres an excerpt from the file:
Driver "nv" (or Driver "vesa") with Driver "nvidia" In the Module section, make sure you have: Load "glx" You should also remove the following lines: Load "dri" Load "GLcore"
that is basically all you have to, when that is done, type "exit" at the prompt to get outta your root login, and then type "startx" at the prompt....with any luck you should see the X GUI and be on your way...if it doesn't work, then thats when you come back here and tell us what happend :P
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