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Default Re: cable-card ready tv card

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
Hardware encoding isn't necessary with cablecard devices. It just decrypts the video stream and stores it verbatim, which is good because your cable company has encoding hardware that is far more efficient (better quality while having a reduced file size) than any consumer product could ever be, and thus by extension you gain the same benefit since you don't have to encode it again.

Unless you're talking about when you tune to analog channels.
ok here is what im trying todo. ive been using an orb server now for a few years and have been using it with a mutli-tuner hardware tv card on comcast tv. comcast has its first 90 channels in the clear on its analog system so no box requered. with my current setup i can stream about three live tv programes at a single time because the decoder cards are hardware based, if this was a software based car i would be lucky to get one stream at a time. well now i switched to verizon fios tv and the first 49 channels are in the clear on verizons analog system. most of these channels are nothing more then local broadcast crap. so in order to get above channel 49 i need a QAM compatible set-top box or a cable-card ready tv card in order to get the channels on the new system. i hope that conveys what it is im looking todo...
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