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Thanks for the info remu. This is what I did before I read your message (let me know if I missed something). I'm using Mandrake 9.1:

1. Downloaded "linux-2.4.20.bz2" to "/usr/src"
2. "cd usr/src"
3. "bunzip2 linux-2.4.20.bz2" (This gave me "linux-2.4.20.tar"
4. I then did a "tar -xf linux-2.4.20.tar" (This made a new directory "linux-2.4.20")
5. "cd linux-2.4.20"
6. "make menuconfig"
7. "make dep"
8. "make clean"
9. "make bzlilo"
10. "make modules"
11. "make modules_install"
12. I deleted the symbolic link "vmlinuz" and "" in "/boot" and moved my new "vmlinuz-2.4.20" and "" in "usr/src/linux-2.4.20" to "/boot"
13. I then created new symbolic links "vmlinuz" for "vmlinuz-2.4.20", and "" for "" in "/boot"

Now, is it at this point that I'm suppose to modify the "lilo.conf" in "/etc"? Since I can't get XFree86 to start, is there a command line editor that I can use, and if so, what exactly do I need to change?

If you have any suggestions on how to make this easier, I'd be happy to read your input. Your help is muchly appreciated!! Thanks

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