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Default Re: E6300 @ 3ghz on air advice.

Originally Posted by Fats_43
How's this OC look?
Asus P5K DDR667 Corsair/Kingston
430x7 3.01ghz vcore @ 1.36v
Ram @ 860 2.05v 5-5-5-15

Temps seem ok I have been testing for an hr in Orthos, I hope it's stable I really want to run this @ 3ghz.

Core temp says 50-55 full load. That's too hot? think I should try to lower vcore even more? Any suggestions?

I know shot says Orthos at 11 mins but It's ran for 1hr+ so far and CPU-z reads Vcore wrong it seems.

I noticed you are running CPU and Ram Blend. Thats not what you want to run when testing your CPU for stability as it will not stress it hard enough.

Change Orthos to run small fft's which is specifically designed to stress the CPU and keep an eye on those temps as they will get hotter then what you are getting right now.
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