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Default funny problem with 2960 and GF4

Hi there!

I have a Problem using my GeForce4 in dual-head Setup.

I have an Debian~3.0 with X-4.2.0 an Kernel 2.4.19-rc2 or 2.4.20-pre5 (both same error).
Mainboard is an Soyo Dragon with KT333 Chipset

I use both Monitor outputs with CRTs in TwinView Setup.

Every time I power on the PC and start X the screens goes black after 4 to 7 minutes (stopped not exactly the time, but it seems to be worth it), not earlyer, not later. After pressing the reset button, startin X again, X runs more than hours!

Does anybody else have such a problem? Even to know that would help not going crazy!!!!

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