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Default Re: cable-card ready tv card

Originally Posted by DarthBeavis
I wish there was a cablecard or sat card so you could make a real HTPC . . .access ALL the channels and record them to your HTPC and stream them
There are both actually. As for digital cable, I know ATI makes one cablecard PCI receiver which is HD capable. As for satellite, you can use just about any dvb-s compliant PCI card to illegally decrypt dishnet (and receive all channels, including ppv, porn channels, etc) I don't know much about cablecard, but the later setup would cost you roughly $150 (for the dish and card) and take about a week or so for you to figure it all out (At least as far as setting up the dish, operating the emulator, rotating the keys, etc. Will take even longer if you want to figure out how the emulator actually works, which can be useful.)

I've never done either setup before, but I used to get directv for free a while back, and I am well aware of the concepts and other whatnots for getting dishnet free, but lost interest in that a long time ago.
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