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Originally posted by K.I.L.E.R
As for FRAPS:
-how so? AFAIK I enter the program and then go into the game and take shots with num lock
Because you have to sit there and play the game?

-I have been using FRAPS for years and I have benched games over and over using the same settings my results had an error ratio so low that I have trouble computing it to the exact fento
Because you have to go through a similar "run" to get the same results. Playing on another level or a different area in the same level can drastically change the results.

No comment...
As proven with Anand's numbers, we need to be able to compare review sites to see if their numbers are reasonable or not.

When reviewers start using specialized tests it means we:
a) have to trust their results as being correct
b) have to trust that they aren't skewing their results, finding scenes in which one IHV excells, etc.

edit: for clarity
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