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Default *** Post your Steam, Origin, and Xfire ID's ***

I only have a small handful of NVNews guys on my Steam friend list and Xfire friend list. I would like to get more of you on it so we can play some games.

If you don't have Xfire, get it. I know what most of you are thinking "but I use MSN/AIM/some other lame program! All my friends use it!". Xfire is great. Its really easy to see what games your friends are in. You can instantly join a game with you friends without ever asking them what server IP they are on. Just right click their name and hit "join game" and you are in. Xfire is great. If you still don't want Xfire, you can at least post your Steam ID.

Please post your Steam ID and Xfire ID.

Steam: Tygerwoody
Xfire: sarlaiel
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