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Default Re: AMD To Release GPU Specifications Without NDA!

Originally Posted by macemoneta
The AMD/ATI open source driver has been released as promised.
Indeed, but the 3D specifications are still not available. Hopefully AMD will release reasonably-complete 3D specs. Even then, it's going to take a while for a decent driver to be written, and its performance might always lag behind that of fglrx. Especially if there are any patent issues, e.g. with S3 Texture Compression... That was one deficiency of the old R200 open source driver built from partial, non-public specs; the DRI devs knew how to implement S3TC, but legally they couldn't.

I'll give AMD a year. By that time, I'll probably be considering a new system to build. If the open source graphics driver looks appealing, then I may give ATi technology another chance.

I'm not going to hold my breath, though.
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