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Default Re: NVNews Steam ID and Xfire Thread

If anyone sees "Deacon" on, can you folks pester him. I don't know what you would ask him... but somehow our accounts are linked for some things....

Edit: Obviously their system is having some "issues". I can't add some of you folks, some of you I can. Some of you can add me, some of you can't. Some of you add me as "deacon".... I've put in a ticket. I guess I'll be in the Nvnews clan in a few weeks unless Alpha can add me through email or my profile...

If you can search the name in the community tab of Steam, and then view their profile, you can add some of the members you can't add through the "add friend" dialog. For example: just now I couldn't add XXdeadlyXX in the post below. But I searched his name in the community tab and could add him just fine.
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