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Originally posted by ChrisRay
It's very difficult for me to test Kyles motives, I dunno if he has good intentions and just comes out like a moron. (He and I do agree on 3dmark being useless however)

But It's hard to answer these questions

What is Kyles motivations?
He wants hits on his website and will do anything to get them.

Is Kyle a sellout?
I think he is.

Is Kyle trying but really failing in the delivery?
He either isn't trying, or he's really an idiot. Everything he has said about all these 3dmark03 issues has been mind numbingly stupid. If he actually believes half the stuff he says....

Does he truly believe so strongly about this that he thinks he can just change over night how benches are done.
Did he actually say that? It looks like he has been trying to change the way benchmarks are done for a few months. You gotta start somewhere. For that, I applaud his actions.
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