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Default Re: Official World in Conflict Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Amuro
I preordered the Collector's Edition because of the 9.3 score from ign. But canceled my order few days later after trying out the demo.

Singleplayer mode is a frantic clickfest with no real military style tactics. There is no building required which is good, but the battle is within seconds. They even put the mood of speed on you by everyone constantly yelling at you for support and assistance. Multiplayer is slightly better since you take one fraction and must work as a team but people online have already found a way to ruin this game by using their tanks or chopper rushes.

Anyway, just can't believe a game like this can get a score of 9.3. I almost made the mistake of getting it without trying out the demo.
Yeah. I pretty much agree. I had fun with the beta and demo. But I've put this one aside for a Holiday Season markdown, there is just much other stuff going on like Halo 3, TF2, Stalker replay (Thanks Grey_1)
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