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Default Re: ASUS GeforceFX 5200

Originally posted by Grechie
Hey everyone, i know the fx 5200 isnt a very good fx card, but i upgraded from a 4x geforce4 mx 440 to a fx 5200 agp 8x, anyways i thought the fx 5200 would be better then the mx 440, but its crappier, i got close to 6000 marks on the mx 440, and on the fx close to 5000, wat the hell!?
the 44.03 drivers dont do crap, mgs2 has graphical issues and the mx 440 ran it smoother in 1024X768,
is there something wrong with my fx ? ive tried the 43.51 drivers and they got me in the 2000's in 3d mark so there crap, can a newer detonator fx driver unleash more power ??
im very upset and dissapointed that i sold my old mx 440 for this card!

Note: If possible, lets keep this an Nvidia discussion....... on the 5200 topic. Please no ATI stuff......

Probably you have gotten yourself a 5200 card with a 64 bit of memory. Goto and you'll see some comparison and actually they have an article that talk about the different configuration that a 5200 have.
Here's the link

I've actually purchased mine from EVGA , when they have a promo for a FX5200 Ultra for $129. I am happy with it.

I've also tried the plain 5200 first and I was really disappointed. I returned the card and got the ULTRA version. Actually, the July issue of the PC GAMERS Magazine gave the ULTRA it a pretty nice number ,90%, for the review. I still have a GF4Ti 4200 128 meg and comparing the 2 cards, the Ti 4200 is still faster. Now From what I heard from the EVGA ref is - They said when the DX9.0 gmaes starts to come out... they you'll see the difference between a GF4 and a FX card. I have to wait and see for myself.

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