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Originally posted by StealthHawk
Thanks, and good call.

Originally posted by de_telegraaf
Poor guy
Poor guy my left nut! He came here looking for trouble and insulted one of the most respected members here than ran over to Rage3D to try and whip up trouble?

No, he gets no pity from me.

Originally posted by vampireuk
Poor guy because he couldnt just abuse people? riiiight

I think I may be banned from Rage, it just wont load anymore
Hmmm...I haven't hit Rage yet this morning, but I don't think he's been banned from their, yet. If'n he keeps trying to say what he did was good though, I'll personally see to it that he gets a vacation from over there to think about it.

People like that are what gives ATi enthusiasts a bad name. We're trying to class up the image of the average fanATIc over there, and this type of thing is just not cool and will not be tolerated.

Sorry he caused you any grief, and sorry for my own pushing of the line lately. I'm gonna try and crank it down a couple notches over here me own self.
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