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Default Re: Official World in Conflict Full Version Feedback Thread

just got this today, it really pretty cool. The departure from resource gathering is a breath of fresh air, and the game isnt a push over because of it. The game continuously spawns its own resources and you need to push against it. The only thing I was getting lost on is collecting my forces from the drop zones. Its easy to summon a force and then forget about it when it finally arrives 30 seconds later. I also really like how allied forces play a huge roll in the game, most of the time they will back you up on a capture point you just got, so theres no need to micromanage a continuous defense of previous capture points.

Performance wise the game has been smooth as silk on my comp (specs below), and I'm pretty surprised at how detailed things can be when zoomed up. It definetly does a better job then company of heros did.
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