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Default Re: Official World in Conflict Full Version Feedback Thread

why do people think theres no strategy? You are quite limited into how many points you can have "on the field" at the same time. This means you need to first stratigise if you are going to want a mostly offensive mobile unit, or one that supports others (Your humvees can heal ally units too). This is actually VERY KEY in multiplayer! You don't get enough points in multiplayer to conjure up some huge army, and to build both a big enough offensive, and then a support team to keep them up, isn't going to be doable with one person alone. Generally you will need one person on offensive, others on support, and if theres enough of you, have someone play "heal bot". As IGN put it, its like Battlefield, the RTS.

If you don't play with a strategy, you WILL get owned.
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