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Default Re: Official World in Conflict Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Lfctony
Thanks, but I already mentioned that it's missing in Games Explorer as well.
Just create a shortcut and you will be fine. I bought the game today and played the first 2 single player mapsn and they are AWESOME!!! I played from around 7:30 until 10:15PM. Time flew.

The graphics are amazing as well. I am running an FX-60, 2GB of ram, 8800GTX in SLI and Windows Vista x64 Ultimate. Perfect graphics. I was getting around 45fps in full DX10 running with everything turned on at 1920x1200 on an HD Monitor. The game could use a few more performance tweaks. But I will def be playing this game this weekend.

M students won't get their test back until Friday. I was supposed to grade them tonight. opps
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