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To the contrary -- it is fixed w/ the new Detonator drivers. The problem I described with "Throttling" or degrading performance at higher speeds, only manifests itself when I exceed the speeds which I had previously determined was the maximum stable (i.e. 250/550). In fact with the new DET's I picked up an extra 200-300 pts. in 3DMark 2001 at the same 250/550 seetings. I was just trying to see if the new drivers gave me a little more O/C headroom, but it is apparent that the 250/550 limit was hardware, not drivers.

I posted up my "theory" only to warn others that while you may be able to O/C numerically by pushing the sliders higher, you'd better benchmark as well. Higher and the appearence of stability is not always faster.

Loving these 40.41's. All I'm waiting on is the 0x Anisotropic fix!!

BTW -- The never-ending series of bugs and issues with every new Via chipset release is really getting quite tiring and disconcerting. I agree the SiS chipset has become a very strong competitor in both the AMD and Intel space. SiS' Intel P4 chipsets look VERY strong !!! As for AMD -- I'm keeping an eye on the NForce2. Perhaps it will deliver on the promise of performance and stability.

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