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Default Re: Video playback corrupted

I am seeing the video corruption on two machines. As kriko noted, it seems to be a problem with the XVideo extension. When playing videos in VLC media player and after I've encountered the corruption problem after some indeterminate time, I switch to X11 Video output and the video will play fine. I then switch to XVideo output and see video playback corruption again. You must stop then restart video playback when switching output modules in VLC.

I don't know if it will be helpful, but I will include output from both XVideo output and X11 video output in VLC as well as the nvidia bug report in the corrupted state. I had to zip up the bug report because it exceeded the forums file size limit.
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File Type: bz2 nvidia-bug-report.tar.bz2 (27.6 KB, 166 views)
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File Type: txt x11_video_output.txt (15.4 KB, 173 views)
File Type: txt xvinfo_corrupted.txt (7.2 KB, 159 views)
File Type: txt xvinfo_not_corrupted.txt (7.2 KB, 155 views)

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