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Default Re: R600vsG80 Benchmark Comparisons From Any Game Welcome!

Well, you guys will have to find another R600 owner to bench against as I'm putting mine up for sale. I have an Ultra on the way as its replacement.

2900XT is a decent card with some nice potential, but the performance is too spotty in today's games for my taste. There are a # of games in my collection right now that are collecting dust because they don't play well on this card. Titles like Lost Planet (DX10), Bioshock(DX10), Lord of the Rings Online, Tomb Raider Legend, etc. And the AA issues it has with so many games has become too much of an annoyance.

I had planned to wait until the Crysis SP demo was out, but seeing as it's been delayed another month it's just too long of a wait when I have so many games now that I can play.

I plan to put my Ultra on water and will post some overclocking results if anyone is interested.

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