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Default Xorg 7.3 Nvidia driver update timeframe ?


Thank you Nvidia developers for
supporting the FreeBSD platform.


I believe Nvidia developers are
working hard to bring us the
FreeBSD Xorg 7.3 drivers for I386 and AMD 64 bit systems. Perhaps
they could give us a guesstimate
on the timeframe for the release,
say, like somethime in September,
or maybe by the middle of October ?



That being as it may , I am running
with FreeBSD 6.2 updated with Xorg
7.3 and I am using the -- -ignoreABI
to at least get the desktop working,
however when I start Kpovraymodeler, the desktop freezes. I can log in from another
computer and see from the top
command that Xorg is taking 99%
cpu time. This has really killed my
3D design efforts since I can not
now use Kpovraymodeler. POVRay
works fine from the command line.
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