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Default Re: Official Flight Simulator X Thread

Originally Posted by Noodles
Is the ENTIRE WORLD accurate as far as
TIME is takes to get somewhere
Yes, totally.

SATTELITE BASED IMAGERY accurate down to the houses and world wonders and stuff?
No the game comes on a couple DVD's, not a crate full of DVD's. If you want 2.5m-1m per pixel photo scenery its available for select areas. But there is a utility called tile proxy which streams google earth imagry in real time, so if you want to fly sattelite imagery ovwer the whole globe you can do so.

On the other hand pretty much the entire world is modeled with accurate elevation data, with correct placement of towns, cities, rivers, airports, national parks, mountains, valleys, hills, etc, with textures to match the given area.

and do you need GAS and pit stops... or can you just fly EVERYWHERE???
As was already said this is an accurate simulation with accurate fuel consumption rates though you can enable unlimited fuel, and if you want to zoom in hyper speed you can do so with the slew function, otherwise you can start at nearly any airport in the world.
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