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Originally Posted by retsam
alot of providers are using adsl2+ not so much for the speed improvements but for the distance improvements.
True, but the nitpicker I am, I just had to say that.

Originally Posted by retsam
there is also talk of aggrigating two or more dsl lines for faster throughput..ive never heard of Annex-M but from the wiki i did find on it sounds like the providers should just stick to implementing adsl2+ just for the reason of stearing clear of a propriatary or niche market.
Aggregating existing physical media is an option if there's enough copper (or whatever the media would be) laid down already, but personally I don't see a problem in taking advantage of more efficient standards such as Annex-M. However, the problem with Annex-M is distance. For example, IIRC, I'm living ~1200 metres from the DSLAM, and my ISP considers anything over 1000 metres not to match their quality standard. As also stated in Wikipedia, Annex-M is an international standard which has already been deployed in number of places, so at worst it will be "niche market". It won't be the next big thing for sparsely populated areas, but I already know a couple of fellows who are quite glad such technology is available.

I'm reasonably sure my ISP would reconsider selling me ADSL2+M if I made it clear that I understood the limitations and consequences of the distance. Fortunately for me I'm quite happy with 12/1 Mb/s for time being -- especially now that they have finally announced IPv6-connectivity by the end of the year (until now they provided IPv6 only for customers who paid for public subnet). :-) IPv6-tunnel was a nice thing to have, but I won't miss it.
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