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Default Application error with RH9 + 43.49 / 43.63


I am using an NVIDIA Quadro4 750 XGL under a fresh install of RedHat 9. One application I use is a computational chemistry tool called "Ecce" .. homepage of

Ecce worked fine with this video card in RedHat 8, using the 43.49 nvidia linux drivers. However, upgrading to RH9, certain features of it are broken in both 43.49 and 43.63. Specifically, there are operations which result in the error:

./builder: relocation error: /usr/lib/tls/ undefined symbol: __gl_tls_var0
Exec failed - child 2159 died

...I'm guessing this is associated with RH9 using glibc 2.3 (tls-based?) libraries. But I don't know if the exact error is a problem in RH9, the NVidia drivers, or Ecce.

Was hoping Andy could give some insight if this could be an nvidia bug. We contacted the Ecce developers and they had no immediate response (they were surprised to hear this...).

Nothing special in my XF86Config or log; a modeline created by gtf. RH9 defaults.
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