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Default Re: My new DSL

That would be my first mistake when i bought my house.

I had cable (comcast) which was nice for Downloads 4100/768 with a 100ms latency (weak sauce)

But after they charged me $150 to come and fix THEIR equipment not only once but THREE DIFFERENT TIMES I told them to shove their internet and Cable up their ass sideways.

Now I am stuck with 256k dsl

If i would have moved 4 blocks west I would get teh 7mb from qwest.

Or I could have moved 40 miles south and got Qwest Fiber ( a lot like Verizons FiOS) 10mb/10mb stupid neighborhood.

The biggest complaint of mine is that through the wasatch valley in utah about 3 years ago the government proposed a "community network" all fiber based to hubs then to 10/100/1000 to homes.

They would allow ISPs to use this network as their backbone, but also allow those whom didnt want internet to have access to all Govt. like library utilities ect.. through a intranet.

I look at it as more competitive prices for me in the end. Well the great asshole mayor of SLC spoke up saying that it would just be a great system for people who pirate software/movies... and that our current systems were more than enough for the avg user. So it failed govt funding and the contracter went under. I=still pissed......
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