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Default System hangs/lockups AGP 4x mode

Ok guys, heres my problem..I install the nvidia drivers on my comp (self compiled by the script) and when I restart to startx up again, I get screen freezes.
If I go in and turn off agp I don't get any lockups. If I changed to agpgart I get em and if I change to nvidia's mode I get less, but still its pretty unstable. If I tone down the AGP rate to 2x I get fine results, but bad wine/cs performance..
My specs are...
Slackware 9
AMD athlon 1.4gz
600megs o' ram
80gig maxtor drive
Mobo: Amptron K7- 810LM (
Geforce 440 mx card 64megs
My driver version is 4368
my video card bios version is:
My log file is avaliable at:Http://
My xf86config file is located at:
If anyone can help me get 4x mode I would be eternaly grateful!
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