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Default Socket F, mcp55, mcp65 and drivers.

I would need a Socket F system, but I am held back by the issue of the SATA ports in the NVidia chipsets.

Can somebody confirm that the following findings are correct re the SATA ports?

1) mcp55 doesn't have any opensource driver, the old nvidia one doesn't work anymore and it doesn't do AHCI and AHCI support isn't planned as a BIOS update.

2) mcp65 is ahci based and would, with an OpenSource driver, support SATA including NCQ.

3) all NVidia Socket F chipsets have mcp55. Some selected chipsets for AM2 have mcp65.

Is that correct?

What are the plans for Barcelona and the new powermanagement? Anything with mcp65 or other AHCI based SATA ports?

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