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Default Re: 90% of Americans still don't understand HDTVs

Originally Posted by superklye
Let's talk about The Fifth Element and the (canceled-before-mass-release) Robocop BDs then. You know, the ones that were "Beyond High Definition" and ended up looking worse than their 480p counterparts.

And for the record, DD+ is HD audio. It's just not as great as it could be.
HD Audio is a rather subjective term IMO. DD is already 192/24khz, DD+ only adds additional channels and a higher bitrate, and truehd is completely lossless. But unlike higher resolution video, the average person isn't going to be able to hear the difference between regular lossy dd and lossless truehd, even if they did have a nice sound system, unless they were directly comparing the two side by side.

To me the term "hd audio" is completely meaningless. (Unless you start talking about "hd audio" sound cards, but the "hd audio" in that case refers more to its capabilities and driver standards rather than how it sounds.)
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