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Default Re: Socket F, mcp55, mcp65 and drivers.

A list of which mcp is in which chipset, exactly, would also help. I browsed quite extensively without finding anything.

Here is what I scraped together on my own:
MCP55: no support at all [570 + some Intel stuff + all nforce am2]
- nForce 550 (MCP55S)
- nForce 570 Ultra (MCP55 Ultra)
- nForce 570 SLI (MCP55P)
- nForce 590 SLI (C51XE + MCP55PXE)
- 520 LE [2x SATA]
- 520
- 560
- 570 LT SLI

(that means no AM2 chipsets with mcp65, I mixed it up with socket 775)

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