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Default Re: Official World of Warcraft Thread

OK, one change I definitely don't like in the new patch, is the whole mailing system with the auction house now. It isn't like it saves volume on sending mail out either, as they now send a mail to say "such and such sold, and you will get money in an hour". No idea if that's yet done with items also, but if it is, then there it also kinda defeats the purpose of paying extra on a "buy it now", to avoid waiting for the purchase.

Items (but not money) used to take an hour to arrive, though recently if one mailed items from one char to another, it arrived in the mail immediately, which was nice. But now, they switched the AH mailing over to something in a way, worse then the old system for other things. At least one didn't previously get a mail to say "so and so mailed you something, come back to the box latter". Either send the money or don't. One doesn't want to come to town to read a "come back latter", which simply wastes people's time. The new system would be akin to someone asking to travel down the street (mind you, it can take time to gryphon and stuff), and then when they arrive, say "I want to tell you something, but not now. So make an additional trip and drive back in an hour and then I will tell you then, what I'm wanting to tell you now. Okay?" So one has to make 2 trips, rather then 1, ridiculous

Before, the hour wait for items was a bother if one was mailing something to themself, but at least they didn't know about it and weren't signaled to go get something, to only then be told to come back latter.
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