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Default Re: Socket F, mcp55, mcp65 and drivers.

Originally Posted by netllama
I'm not clear on what you mean by "modern kernels post edgy".

You stated that "mcp55 doesn't have any opensource driver" which is untrue. sata_nv supports MCP55.

You stated "Some selected chipsets for AM2 have mcp65" which is also untrue. There are some MCP55 motherboards that have AM2 CPU sockets.

You've not provided any information on what kind of problems you're experiencing, however since sata_nv is an open source driver, you should report the issues to whomever provides your kernel(s).
my mistake.

My specific problem is that MCP55, although working fine under NForce (closed source) drivers when i bought the mobo, and functioning fine up to kernel 2.6.12 under Ubuntu Edgy eft, now, under kernel 2.6.20 and beyond in Ubuntu fesity fawn & gutsy has stopped working.
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't it the case that NVidia no longer support MCP55 under linux and rely on OS developers to do the work for them?

What was once the domain of NForce is now sata_nv.

But all that is irrelevant, will NVidia support MCP6x and future SATA controllers in house (open or closed source) or are we to rely of OS developers?
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